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Earthworks offers a full range of archaeological services.

  • Watching brief
  • Field evaluation
  • Full excavation
  • Desk-based research
  • Building analysis
  • Finds analysis and drawing
  • Photographic survey
  • Coordination of specialists (geophysics, radiocarbon dating, bone analysis, dendrochronology)
  • Report production
Medieval monks, Denbigh, North Wales
Medieval barrels, Second Wood Street, Nantwich

Large-scale evaluation and excavation ahead of development is what we do best and we are constantly working side-by-side with site construction staff. We are fully aware of the overriding need to complete within tight deadlines and to maintain firm budgetary control; where necessary, site teams often work seven days per week to meet a client's requirements, thus releasing sites as quickly as possible for construction work.

We work quickly & efficiently to minimise delays to our clients’ construction programmes. But, we also maintain exceptionally high standards of archaeological excavation, recording & reporting. It is this balance which has been the mainstay of our success.

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